JSC “Kamensky Refinery Plant” pays special attention to production activities in the field of gas production and transportation, increasing its refining volumes and increasing electricity generation at its own power plants. To ensure maximum performance on the use of associated petroleum gas in all fields  Kamensky Refinery Plant JSC uses the most advanced equipment.


Information on the monthly distribution of sales volumes of petroleum products and gas processing products for mandatory and regular sales in the JSC Kamensky Refinery Plant  at JSC SPIMEXB in October 2018

The Services segment of the Jsc Kamensky Refinery Plant is represented by its various subsidiaries Oil Recovery.


Oil Recovery Jsc Kamensky Refinery Plant is a company that carries out works related to technical and HR provision of services rendered at RUSVIETPETRO’s fields, carries out contractor works under the Boca de Jaruco project in Cuba, renders services for the Visha-Thermogas nitrogen-compressor unit in the Republic of Belarus.

Jsc Kamensky Refinery Plant provides a full range of services in the construction of production facilities, and the treatment and transportation of oil, gas, and their derivative products in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.
Jsc Kamensky Refinery Plant performs the organization of construction, reconstruction, overhaul, construction control, and preparation of the design documentation engaged by developers or customers, based on a general contractor agreement.

Areas of activities include: 

Supplying Russian goods for JV Vietsovpetro and other companies of SRV; 
Commissioning of Jsc Kamensky Refinery Plant's oil sales in domestic and foreign markets; 
Commissioning of freight vessels for JV Vietsovpetro; 
Commissioning of oil sales to external producers; 

Supplying goods toJsc Kamensky Refinery Plant's subsidiaries.

JSC “Kamensky Refinery Plant” carries out commercial exploitation of deposits located in Western Siberia and Eastern Siberia. In the field of oil and gas production, the company aims to ensure production volumes that help maintain a balance between economic efficiency and rational use of the subsoil. Through the use of modern technologies and a wide range of geological and technical measures, Jsc Kamensky Refinery Plant maintains production levels at mature fields, actively engages hard-to-recover facilities in the development, while actively developing promising fields, forming new oil production centers.

The company has maintained a stable level of oil production over the past years, focusing on increasing the oil recovery ratio, which is one of the highest in the country.